’Before and After’ stands as one of my top fifteen albums to this day. The lyrics transcend random silliness with hilarious criticisms of the metal and punk scenes. They constantly urge others to ‘be creative’ and warn that ‘if you're serious, you lose.’ One second they're pumping out extremely fast metal, the next you get a Christmas carol and then they're playing surf. It's unpredictable. It's intense. It's fast. It's funny.


Parents need to know that Spazztic Blurr is a predictable yet wholesome and entertaining band that's ideal for younger kids. There is some dog-napping, but it isn't very scary and the puppies are safely returned.

George Jetson

Why Burger King Eric French doesn't get more credit for utilizing the blast beat as early as 1986, I'll never know. His drumming is admittedly better than Brian Lehfeldt's. Eric has more consistent blast beats and his fills feel less strained, almost effortlessly executing busy spectacles that a jazz drummer might have to read a few times to get just right.


There's lots of songs featuring sports action for grade school-age kids, and older kids will relate to the themes of first love and forming new school friendships. There's a song in which an older man has chronic flatulence while he's being interviewed for a job as a butler.

Mr. Slate

The epic ‘Mexicalli’ clocks in at nearly seven minutes, and includes mini-homages to Speedy Gonzales, Burger King, The Flintstones, Milton Bradley board games, and Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, all tied together with mouth and balloon pops, death metal screams, and a tambourine. Spazztic Blurr is a quintessential must-have for all metal and hard rock fans who live by the band's motto: If you’re serious, you lose!


Spazztic Blurr is a band with a classic set of anti-heroes outwitting bumbling law enforcement officers on highways from Texas to Georgia. Likable band members break the law with abandon and humor. Cars crash, roll over and fly through the air throughout the album, but there are no injuries or deaths.

Sheriff Buford T. Justice

To this day I still absolutely worship this album, not because of the reasons I bought it, but because it is just such a great album. I have turned so many people into drooling fans by putting this on the stereo, giving them the lyric sheet/storyboard and saying, “Listen, read and learn.”


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The Burger King

About Spazztic Blurr

Here it is an exclusive first look at the brand new double album, ‘Hello Dum Dums!’ There are three songs in this preview:

First up is ‘The Night He Came-A-Home,’ which is the sequel to ‘He Not-A-Home’ and follows Marco Sharko as he settles some old scores back home in Italy. Next is a brand new version of the classic ode to The Flintstones, ‘Bedrock Blurr.’ And last, but not least, is another new song, “Vultures and Doves.”

‘Hello Dum Dums’ is now available on F.O.A.D. Records on special limited edition double-vinyl that also includes a special re-mastered version of the original ‘Bedrock Blurr Demo’ and a 12-page full color booklet!

New Album ‘Hello Dum Dums’ Available Now on F.O.A.D. Records! Exclusive Preview Here!

The Bedrock Bugle

16 - NEW ALBUM ‘Hello Dum Dums’ Available Now On F.O.A.D Records

It’s been a long time coming, but we are extremely excited to announce that ‘Hello Dum Dums,’ the long-awaited follow up to ‘Before and After’ is now available on FOAD Records!

This is a double LP that also includes a re-mastered version of the original, and extremely rare, Bedrock Blurr Demo. Also included is a full-color 12"x12" booklet that contains lyrics, photos, posters, interviews and more! The first 100 pre-orders come on limited edition Spazztic Puke splatter vinyl, so order fast!!!

2/28/17 - Marco 'Sharko' Downloads 'Bark At The Moon' Delay Effect From Teddy Lawrence In Ohio

n his never-ending quest to find just the right effect loops for his guitar sound, Marco ‘Sharko’ has decided to download a new delay from Teddy Lawrence from Loudonville, Ohio (pictured) that he created “in the form of Bark at the Moon by Ozzy.”

“My current delay just wasn’t working and I was getting tired of having to reboot Windows during our set, so I decided to give this a try,” said Sharko. “I also just saw that ‘420Assassin’ from Orange County updated his ‘Master of Puppets’ clean tone on killermetaleffects.com. I might try that too.”